Why It Makes Sense

Why does this location make sense for higher density?

State Route 89A is a major transportation corridor with significant noise and visual impact. The highway is very visible from the property. Viewpoint Drive is a major arterial that will be widened to 4 lanes in the future and also extended south of 89A to connect to the existing Viewpoint Drive through State land. This location is well suited for higher intensity uses because of the proximity of major transportation routes and the availability of utilities as evidenced by the Commercial Zoning approved by the Town in 2007.

Principled land use planning places the highest density and intensity of uses in locations such as this and then transitions outward from these major transportation corridors. Again, another reason the Commercial Zoning exists in this location.

It is logical that uses generating more traffic be placed closer to highways and major roadways. As the distance to major roadways and intense uses grow, the densities decrease. It makes sense for multi-family homes to be closer to these transportation corridors so that traffic generated by them does not drive through lower density neighborhoods.

All the needed infrastructure exists at this location. The Town has wisely planned for future development in regard to water needs in general and specifically for the area of this proposal. The water is available and the infrastructure including water storage and water lines have been provided in anticipation of the densities proposed. Sewer capacity also exists as does an appropriately sized water line at the northeast corner of this site for connection. One of the General Plan guidelines is to encourage development in areas where infrastructure exists. We have recently been approved with a re-issuance of the Certificates of Assured Water Supply by the Arizona Department of Water Resources. Certificates exist for all parcels within the 129 acres.

Town of Prescott Valley General Plan 2025

The Town’s General Plan 2025 establishes guiding principles, goals, and policies as a blueprint to guide the Town’s development. The Land Use Element (Chapter 4) provides the framework for policies related to zoning and serves as a “road map for achieving the Town’s vision”.

There is a misconception that the Town of Prescott Valley’s approved General Plan 2025 intends low density residential in the area adjacent to 89A. The truth is that just like Pronghorn Ranch, Viewpoint, Granville and virtually every developed property in Prescott Valley; these properties were annexed into the Town from the County with the zoning category of RCU-70. This is a “holding category” until zoning that conforms to the guidelines within the General Plan is proposed. There are 30 acres of Commercial Zoning that exists at the northeast corner of SR89A and Viewpoint. This property had the zoning category of RCU-70 before it was brought before the Town and rezoned to Commercial because it was the appropriate land use and met the guidelines of the General Plan. Similarly, Pronghorn Ranch rezoned from RCU-70 to several zoning categories resulting in 1490 total single-family lots – most of which are currently providing housing to homeowners and renters. There are two undeveloped parcels within Pronghorn zoned for Multi-Family. Viewpoint also was rezoned from RCU-70 to several zoning categories resulting in 2,530 residential units which includes 712 Multi-Family Units. If the General Plan had intended low density RCU-70 land use north of 89A, neither Pronghorn Ranch nor Viewpoint would be in existence today.

In the same way, this application proposing rezoning to a multi-family density is in the same “holding category” of RCU-70 and meets the guidelines within the General Plan for multi-family housing. Low density zoning is not practical adjacent to a large commercial parcel and a busy and noisy State Highway.


LU-A4: Ensure that new development is compatible with surrounding land uses, the circulation network, the availability of public facilities, and with existing development constraints.

The Applicant proposes the highest and best use of the Property by facilitating construction of higher density residential supported by local and regional commercial and retail uses in a location where public services are readily available and adjacent to major roadways.