Original Proposal

The original proposal was for a Minor General Plan Amendment, from Low Density Residential and Community Commercial to Mixed Use, and a Zoning Map Change from RCU-70 (Residential Family Rural) and C-2 PAD (Commercial; General Sales and Services – Planned Area Development) to RS-PAD (Residential and Services – Planned Area Development), on approximately fifty six (56) acres in the middle of the overall site.
The previously approved single-family neighborhoods located on the sixty-two (62) acres along the entire north boundary were to remain single family neighborhoods.

Eleven (11) acres of the previously approved 24 acres of commercial zoning at the southwestern corner of the site, closest to the Viewpoint-89A interchange was to remain – and the remainder of the twenty-four (24) acres of commercial land was proposed to be re-zoned to RS-PAD

In response to neighborhood concerns expressed at our first neighborhood meeting we modified our request to 42 acres of Multi-family and reduced the allowed density from 30 dwelling units per acre to a maximum of 15 dwelling units per acre. We also left the existing commercial as-is at 24 acres.

Click below for a copy of our original proposal.

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