New Proposal

As a result of neighborhood input we have revised our original proposal from the General Plan category of Mixed Use to Medium/High Multi-family. We have also revised our request for rezoning from RS-PAD to R-2 PAD. This is a reduction from an allowed density of 30 du/ac to 15 du/ac.

We are proposing a Minor General Plan Amendment, from Low Density Residential to Medium/High Density Multi-Family, instead of the previously proposed Mixed Use category.
This proposal also involves a Zoning Map Change from RCU-70 (Residential Family Rural) to R2-PAD (Residential; Multiple Dwelling Units – Planned Area Development), on approximately forty-two (42) acres in the middle of the overall site. The density will be limited to 15 du/ac. with a 30’ height limit.

We are also requesting to rezone approximately three (3) acres of RCU-70 to R1L-10 PAD to accommodate a clean-up to the existing boundary of the approximate sixty-two (62) acres of single family neighborhoods proposed along the entire north portion of the site.

The existing Commercial site (approximately twenty-five 25 acres) will remain.

For information regarding Town of Prescott Hearings including Work-Study Session, meeting Minutes, etc please visit the Town of Prescott Valley website.