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Multi-Family Zoning

There is a significant shortage of available rental properties in Prescott Valley. Vacancy rates remain near zero and rental property choices are limited. The BUNGALOW product that we intend to build is a new and exciting alternative to the existing choices. It provides a unique environment for those looking for a particular lifestyle. Individual single family homes are set within a gated neighborhood with a highly amenitized community center and recreation area. The neighborhood will be held to a high level of accountability not only through the strict tenant screening process but rules and policies that ensure the safety and enduring quality of the neighborhood. Full time management personnel will live on site. In contrast, approximately 30% of the homes in Viewpoint and Pronghorn Ranch are currently being rented without the scrutiny of full time on-site management.

Area transportation

Area wide transportation issues: This proposal has brought into focus existing traffic circulation issues that should be addressed. If nothing else, we hope these proposals have brought these issues to light and the Town of Prescott Valley along with Yavapai County will join forces to resolve these area wide transportation issues. United Civil Group has prepared a detailed traffic analysis that addresses the traffic issues related to this proposal. There are clear cut guidelines provided for the successful integration of roadway improvements needed to facilitate this development. The Town will stipulate the appropriate roadway improvements as we move forward to Preliminary and Final Development Plans. The roadway improvements made with Antelope Park will also benefit the overall area circulation.

Water & Sewer

We have recently been approved with a re-issuance of the Certificates of Assured Water Supply by the Arizona Department of Water Resources. Certificates exist for all parcels within the 129 acres. The Town has wisely planned for future development in regard to water needs in general and specifically for the area of this proposal. The water is available and the infrastructure including water storage and water lines have been provided in anticipation of the densities proposed. Sewer capacity also exists as does an appropriately sized pipe at the northeast corner of this site for connection. One of the General Plan guidelines is to encourage development in areas where infrastructure exists.

Appropriate Land Use

Appropriateness of the proposed land use: These proposals together epitomize great land use planning. The huge negatives of State Highway 89A and a large commercial area on the south and existing single family neighborhoods to the north create the need for appropriate transitioning. This proposal follows sensible transitioning and buffering. The plan provides for single family neighborhoods adjacent to the existing single family neighborhoods. The proposed new neighborhoods provide the buffer from the existing ones. The multi-family areas are the most appropriate transition between single family and the negatives of the highway and commercial to the south.


Traffic impacts and their potential need for mitigation are important for the community to consider when future development is proposed. Policy makers, citizens, and developers all have a stake in understanding and responding to additional demands on the transportation system. Therefore, when requested by a governmental agency, a traffic study is performed to identify these traffic impacts and identify measures to minimize them. Traffic studies are prepared using local, state, and national guidelines.

United Civil Group prepared a traffic study for the proposed Antelope Park development using the Town of Prescott Valley Traffic Impact Guidelines. As such, this traffic study answers the following fundamental questions:

What are the existing traffic conditions?
Traffic engineers measure traffic conditions based on average daily traffic volumes and morning and evening peak hour turning movement volumes. Using these values combined with roadway geometrics (such as number of lanes, percent heavy vehicles and type of traffic control), traffic engineers calculate delay to determine a level of service (LOS) A through F to define congestion at an intersection or along a segment of roadway. A LOS A presents free flow conditions (minimal delay) while a LOS E presents near capacity conditions. The Town of Prescott Valley guidelines, along with most other jurisdictions across the nation, strive to obtain a level of service D or better for both signalized and unsignalized conditions during the peak hours of the day.

A study of the existing conditions shows that Viewpoint Drive between SR89A and Pronghorn Ranch Parkway currently carries approximately 12,800 vehicles per day and is over-saturated (LOS F) during the peak periods. It also shows that Pronghorn Ranch Parkway operates at a satisfactory condition (LOS A) along the roadway and carries 5,200 vehicles per day; however, southeastbound and northwestbound movements at the intersection of Pronghorn Ranch Parkway/Viewpoint Drive become congested during the morning and evening peak periods (LOS D).

The analysis of existing conditions also reviews queue lengths within the study area. At the Viewpoint Drive/SR89A interchange, the eastbound left turn onto Viewpoint Drive from SR89A extends approximately 600 feet and the eastbound right extends over 400 feet. The southbound right turn movement also exceeds the storage length on Viewpoint Drive. At the intersection of Viewpoint Drive/Pronghorn Ranch Parkway the northwestbound right and the southeastbound left also exceed queue storage by 200 feet, each. In addition, the intersection of Pronghorn Ranch Parkway/Antelope Meadows Drive northeastbound left exceeds the provided storage length in the existing conditions.

Can the planned transportation system accommodate the additional traffic generated by the proposed development?
As the project is built out over the next several years, transportation improvements will be installed to stay ahead of the additional traffic being generated. Improvements outlined as a part of Phase 1 below will occur with the first phase of construction. The planned roadway construction will produce an immediate improvement to the congestion that exists at the SR89A/Viewpoint Drive intersection.

Many site roadway improvements are planned and phased with the construction of the development to accommodate traffic. With the addition of the phased off-site improvements, the roadway segments and the intersections are forecast to operate at LOS D or better during the peak periods 10 years after the development is constructed and operational.

What are the recommended roadway improvements that may be necessary to accommodate the expected development traffic?
The recommended off-site roadway improvements are shown below by Phase.


  • Remove obstructions within sight triangles at intersection of Pronghorn Ranch Parkway/Antelope Meadows Drive

Phase 1:

  • Widen Viewpoint Drive from SR89A to Pronghorn Ranch Parkway from 2 to 4 lanes
  • Lengthen the northbound right turn storage at the intersection of Viewpoint Drive/Pronghorn Ranch Parkway
  • Modify signal timing at the SR89A/Viewpoint Drive interchange and Viewpoint Drive/Pronghorn Ranch Parkway intersection
  • Construct right and left turn deceleration lanes into Antelope Park accesses
  • Construct right turn deceleration lane and lengthen northeast bound left turn lane on intersection of Pronghorn Ranch Parkway/Antelope Meadows Drive
  • Install 4 way stop at intersection of Pronghorn Ranch Parkway /Antelope Meadows Drive when stop warrants are met

Phase 2:

  • Construct right and left turn deceleration lanes into Antelope Park accesses

Phase 3:

  • Widen Pronghorn Ranch Parkway from 2 to 4 lanes
  • Construct right and left turn deceleration lanes into Antelope Park accesses

Phase 4:

  • Add dual left lanes on southeast bound leg of Viewpoint Drive/Pronghorn Ranch Parkway intersection
  • Evaluate operations at SR89A/Viewpoint Drive interchange and recommend storage needs
  • Construct right and left turn deceleration lanes into Antelope Park accesses
  • Signalize commercial access/Pronghorn Ranch Parkway when signal warrants are met and an engineering report recommends a traffic signal

Parcel E

24 acres of Commercial C-2 PAD was approved in 2007. Following is a copy of the Town zoning code for C-2

Download C-2 Ordinance

For latest information from the town of Prescott regarding reports, presentations, minutes, etc… visit their website.

Pronghorn Ranch Resident Letter

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