The Site lies north of and adjacent to SR-89A in the Town of Prescott Valley and is divided by Pronghorn Ranch Parkway. We are proposing a Minor General Plan Amendment with a concurrent Zoning Map Change for a portion of the site.

The overall site is approximately 129 acres. The northern portion (approximately 62 acres) is already appropriately zoned for Single Family neighborhoods and will be developed as two neighborhoods.

The southwest portion of the site (approximately 24 acres) is currently zoned C-2 Commercial.

The middle portion (approximately 42 acres) is the subject of this proposal.

Site Map

Existing General Plan

The existing General Plan designations are Low Density Residential for the northern portion of the site (approximately 105 acres) and Community Commercial for the southwest 24 acres.

Existing Zoning

The Site currently includes three different zoning districts – R1L-10 PAD Residential Single-Family (+/-62 acres), RCU-70 Residential Rural (+/-43 acres), and C-2 Community Commercial PAD (+/-24 acres).  Existing Zoning Map below.

Exisiting Site Conditions

The property is well served by its proximity to State Route 89A, Viewpoint Drive and Antelope Ranch Parkway. Water and Sewer is readily available as well.

The following details come from the zoning request.

Transportation and Circulation

A Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) has been prepared for the Property based on the proposed zoning. (See more information in Traffic under the Additional Information tab.) The TIA identifies the required roadway improvements that need to be constructed during the development of the Property. Future development of the Property will dedicate right-of-way where appropriate for access from abutting roadways and for internal circulation.

The traffic circulation pattern within the Development is easily accessed from Viewpoint Drive and Antelope Meadows Drive. Pronghorn Ranch Parkway will be widened as determined in the TIA and per Town guidelines and requirements. The local streets within the R1L-10 single family neighborhoods will be public with a 50-foot right-of-way. The streets within the Multi-family parcels will in all likelihood be private streets. Each parcel will have at least two points of access.

More information here.

Grading and Drainage

The Property generally slopes to the east and northeast. The ultimate drainage outfall for the site is at the northeast corner of the Property to an existing culvert that crosses under Antelope Meadows Drive. There is minor offsite runoff from the south that will be conveyed across the Property via channels and/or storm drain to the ultimate outfall location. Offsite runoff from the west crosses Viewpoint Drive at two locations and is conveyed across the Property along Pronghorn Ranch Parkway to the ultimate outfall point.

Future development on the Property will be graded in a manner that will allow storm water runoff to drain from developed parcels into the streets and from the streets into designated storm water storage facilities. Storm water storage facilities will be constructed to reduce post development runoff exiting the Property equal to or less than existing. Future development will comply with all local, state, and federal storm water regulations.

Water & Sewer

Water and wastewater services will be provided by the Town of Prescott Valley. The Town is not designated as having an Assured Water Supply. However, the Property does have a 100-year Certificate of Assured Water Supply (CAWS).

Existing water infrastructure immediately adjacent to the Property includes 12-inch water mains in Pronghorn Ranch Parkway that are stubbed at the intersection of Viewpoint Drive and Antelope Meadows Drive. Future development will be required to construct a water main along Pronghorn Ranch Parkway to connect the existing water mains. Water lines will be constructed throughout the Property to provide the necessary flow and pressure per Town requirements. Additional details for the proposed water system improvements will be provided in the final water report that will be submitted with the Final Development Plan.

The Town has an existing 16-inch sewer main in Antelope Meadows Drive near the northeast corner of the Property that extends east and then south to the Prescott Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The WWTP has the necessary capacity to provide service for future development of the Property. Wastewater flow will be routed through adequately sized sewer lines to connect to the existing sewer line in Antelope Meadows Drive. Additional details for the proposed wastewater system improvements will be provided in the final wastewater report that will be submitted with the Final Development Plan.